Clare Motatapu ride

Roadie Rob's satisfied customers

Hi Rob,


Finally getting around to telling you about how brilliant the Motatapu ride was! 


Absolutely loved the ride, eating dust on the shingle road, battling tussocks across paddocks with a head wind, roaring through muddy creeks, pushing the bike up steep rocky inclines, carrying bike through rivers and the best bit, the steep rocky descent with drop off into a gorge on one side.  It was hard work in the heat but great fun.  The 9 river crossings in the last 2km were a surprise, thought I was doing really well time wise until I hit the rivers! The descent was hairy, the heart was pounding but I got into attack position & went for it. Was particularly proud of myself for handling the descent so well. 


A huge thank you for all your help & support. I would never have tackled the ride with as much gusto pre-Roadie Rob sessions!! Especially descending the rocky track, without the skills & confidence you gave me, I would have been a wobbly mess! The biggest thing I got from you, aside from the MTB skills, was confidence to go for it & not hold back.  I did think of you quite a lot on the ride! Mostly thank goodness I came into contact with you but also I saw so many dodgy riders that needed Roadie Rob in their life!


Have attached a photo Michael took at the last river crossing 50m from the finish line. Concentrating really hard as didn't want to fall off in front of the crowd! 


Cheers & many thanks