Samantha Bryan

Roadie Rob's satisfied customers

I just got back a couple of hours ago from a Back on Your Bike session with Rob.

Oh my! I'm not sure what I enjoyed the most. I was definitely thrilled by all the things I learned - so many useful tips, such as how to start and stop properly (yes, I even learnt things about something as basic as that!), letting your eyes steer, how fast to be pedaling, seat height, using gears, proper helmet fitting and so much more.

Another highlight was just being taught by a master teacher. Rob really gets the Explanation, Demonstration, Supervision, Application process of learning. He breaks everything down into super simple steps and never overwhelms you with too much at a time. He is super encouraging and yet still points out things you did wrong (in a totally non-offensive way), so you can actually improve. Though obviously a super-experienced cyclist himself, he doesn't have that elitism/snobbishness of some cyclists. He didn't put down my cheap department store bike; yet at the same time, the explanations he gave about why I might be experiencing certain symptoms on my current bike made me see the benefit of getting one properly suited to me from a bike shop. It was true explanation, not a put-down or a sales pitch.

Our group had all women attending and he made a few comments throughout the session that showed he had a healthy respect of women and understood some of the unique things female cyclists face. I came away feeling supported and empowered by this workshop, feeling significantly more confident on my bike (though I wasn't really nervous beforehand) and keen to get on my bike tomorrow and practice all that he taught us.

I can't praise Rob highly enough for this great workshop and his outstanding teaching skills. Whatever your level of skill on a bike, I reckon Rob will have a few (or many) things to teach you, and he'll do so in a down-to-earth, encouraging, empowering way.