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Mountain Bike Skills Whether it's to win the World Cup, get to the top of the hill first, or justride a trail with confidence I can get you on track.
Road Bike Skills If you want to ride your first 50k's win the Tour de France or ride around your local neighbourhood we can achieve your GOALS TOGETHER!!!
Beginner Skills

Teaching Adults and Children that have never ridden before. Learn basic skills.

Master those pesky cleats.

Corporate: Ride to work safety seminars, Team bonding and motivation sessions.
Maintenance Classes: Don't get caught out, learn to change a tyre and to keep your bike rolling.
Personal Training: I can work with you to help you get fitter, ride faster or just to ride for fun.
Trail Riding & Tours: Want to visit a location you've never been to before or have a free day and no one else is riding. Got a group and need a leader. Why not get out in the bush and get lost with a professional.
BMX: Get ready to snap some gates and get smooth with your mates BMX is tight and fast.
Trail Design & Construction:

Got a piece of dirt and want your own personal trail? I can design and arrange construction, from a small jump pack, XC loop, or World Cup Downhill course.
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Come ride some of the trail features built for Brisbane City Council.
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Ryan "Rhino" Hawson. from his Blog

Representing Australia, Mountain Bike Marathon World Chalpionships Villabassa Italy July 2008.

"This morning was better than any bike upgrade I have ever made."

I did the best thing for my riding today, the single best VALUE upgrade to my riding. EVER. It is as simple, and as clear as I can make it.

I may 'race' in elite class, but I have never said I was the fastest/smoothest/ flowing rider in single track. I do love riding the tight and twisty, but I always new I could be a lot faster. I just never really new how.

Enter ROADIE ROB, who is an Australian Cycling Accredited Coach, who has been enlisted to help me become more.....efficient.

So this morning I took time off the bike, to listen, observe and put into practice everything that Rob would tell me. It was great, I know some things that I was doing wrong, but how they play into the single track, and the flow on from bad technique to slow times is amazing.

The single BAD thing I do too much, is have a view like this below. SO with looking up the trail, it has opened up an ability to go so much faster. I won't go into anymore than that. But the explanation, and practice of doing the things Rob said, made riding quicker. And not sketchy fast, but flowing fast....

Roadie Rob spent close to 2 hours with me this morning. Everything from downhill, uphill, corners, bunny hop and slow technical work was discussed. With practice and repetition to install it into my head and legs.

Forget tyres, more carbon, new shoes, blah blah blah....do yourself a service, contact this bloke...do a session, and voila.....you will have learnt something new.
So how impressed was I? Very much so. So much that I will most likely see rob every month or so, to work on my technique and skills. The improvements this morning was enough to wet my appetite, and even I know that more improvements can be made.

Contact can be made via http://www.roadierobsbicycleschool.com/ Once you sign up, let him know that you want to smash that rhino bloke through the single track, and I am sure Rob will only be too happy to help you do that.

"This morning was better than any bike upgrade I have ever made."

Alette in Cambodia

Alet in Cambodia

Erin Stoklasa


I was based as a serious road cyclist for 3 years whilst at school but when uni started the demands in which I was placed under where to great to keep up a rigorous training regime, Roadie Rob helped me to see my potential as a mountain bike rider. With his assistance we derived a training program that accommodated my demanding uni schedule.

As time when on Roadie realised that I was enjoying the descents and stunts more than the climbs and suggested I give Downhill Mountain Biking a go. With the help of his coaching within 4 weeks I competed in my first Downhill event, in the Queensland series in which I placed 3 rd in Elite A women. Just a few weeks later I raced again improving on my previous race by coming 2 nd . On the final race of the series on one of the most technical course in South East Queensland I even shocked myself by placing first. I would not have been able to achieve this with out Roadies skill, knowledge experience. With his professional coaching and skills training, I was able to still ride and most importantly have fun!