Road Bike Skills

Road Bike Skills

Roadie Rob has raced and ridden road bikes for a long time, hence the name Roadie Rob.

Learn to ride safer, more efficiently and faster.

Group corporate and commuter safety sessions available.

Believe it or not there are more injuries in mining companies from employees commuting that what happen in the mines themselves.

Racing can be more about tactics than fitness, Roadie Rob know's how to win that chess game.

Advanced road skills with Steve and Maddie

Session Prices


  • 1hr 1on1 $107.80 Package prices available.

  • 1.5hr, 2 on 1 session $198
  • 3-6 rider 2hr group sessions $374
  • NDIS Riders with disabilities. $107.80 per hour plus travel

Prices subject to travel time

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