Erin Stoklasa

Roadie Rob's satisfied customers

I was based as a serious road cyclist for 3 years whilst at school but when uni started the demands in which I was placed under where to great to keep up a rigorous training regime, Roadie Rob helped me to see my potential as a mountain bike rider. With his assistance we derived a training program that accommodated my demanding uni schedule.

As time when on Roadie realised that I was enjoying the descents and stunts more than the climbs and suggested I give Downhill Mountain Biking a go. With the help of his coaching within 4 weeks I competed in my first Downhill event, in the Queensland series in which I placed 3 rd in Elite A women. Just a few weeks later I raced again improving on my previous race by coming 2 nd . On the final race of the series on one of the most technical course in South East Queensland I even shocked myself by placing first. I would not have been able to achieve this with out Roadies skill, knowledge experience. With his professional coaching and skills training, I was able to still ride and most importantly have fun!